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Return Policy

Contact for Returns


If you receive your order DOA (dead on arrival), You Must Report The Problem At Time Of Arrival. We stand behind our animals for 3 days from date of arrival. If the animal perishes within our guarantee, we will provide a replacement.

All live shipments are taken to the shipper location. This is reduces the amount of stress on the animal(s). And the animals are only in the shipping containers for a few hours before they arrive at your location.

  • No live arrival guarantee for shipments that are delayed or mishandled by the carrier.

  • No live arrival guarantee on shipments sent via door to door service.

  • No live arrival guarantee on shipments sent to destinations below 40(f) degrees or above 89(f) degrees.

  • Live arrival guarantee on amphibians.

  • No restocking fee, customers are responsible for shipping cost.

We use heat packs to help keep the animals warm during the winter. We guarantee that our animals are of the best quality available. All items are packed according to the item and the length of their shipment as quoted by the carrier.

We will respond within 24 hours, to emails sent to us at 

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